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Helpful IDT Resources

Knowledge sharing through instructional design was one of the reasons I decided to explore creating a blog.  After some research I found that developing a blog could be an effective way to share information and receive feedback on different topics and ideas. After so many years of scholarly writing, it was challenging to write in first person.  I found many blogs on instructional design that spanned from informative blogs to corporate training.   The Elearning Coach is a blog is filled with helpful tips on how to become an instructional designer and what it requires. One requirement that stood out in this blog was the need for the instructional designer to understand how people learn and to master learning theories. There were also many helpful suggestions on course development that included using visuals, implementing practice tasks, and using multimedia.  This blog will be helpful as an ongoing resource for e-learning techniques in instructional design.

Another helpful blog for instructional design is The Rapid E-learning Blog. This blog discussed on methods to promote learning in instructional design.  These tips included communications skills, course content, and successful delivery of information.  The blog highlighted three things to building effective course that included: focus on meaning and not information, possible limitations to e-learning, and how to become a purposeful instructional designer.  I especially like the simple graphics on this blog that helped communicate the message of the blog.  A resource that I can use for future instructional designing is the e-learning community that lists tutorials, forums, helpful downloads and audio and video integration.

The final blog that I reviewed was the Corporate Training and E-learning Blog.  This blog was especially interesting because it focuses on corporate training and e-learning resources.  The blog was filled with helpful training resources that included course lab, a tool that creates web-based training, and slide share, a tool that allows presentation sharing. This blog will be a great instructional design resource for corporate training, free productivity tools, and presentation techniques.

Written by Dr. Shireese Perez. These were the blogs on instructional design that I found helpful.  Please share your comments on your favorite instructional design blogs below.


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