About Me

Shireese R. Perez, PhD

As an entrepreneur and independent consultant, I help new business start-ups with business plan development, branding, budgeting, and management consulting. I create marketing strategies for small to medium businesses and franchise businesses.

My “left brain” offers management consulting services that include conceptual design for websites, website content, corporate training, and operation systems development. Fifteen years of business experience has catapulted me into helping companies globally through my contacts and travels to Spain, France, and England. As a doctor and academic researcher, my right brain” revels in academic consulting which includes business curriculum development, e-learning solutions for learning management systems (LMS), course development, academic editing, and instruction. Expert in Blackboard, eCollege, Angel, and WIMBA technologies. Full profile can be found at ShireesePerez.com.

I do believe that one can excel at more than one thing, but maybe not 10 things. Life balance is just as important as success. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and helping others reach their goals. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reading my blog.

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